Ecotex BG has developed mainly two production areas, in particular the manufacture of - gas and liquids filtering elements and supporting cages for filter bags:

    Gas filtration

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    We work with automated lines for welded and longitudinal triple seam that ensure the high performance and guarantee the high quality of the seam.

    For the production of filter bags and filter baskets we use needle loom felt from polyester, acrylic, aramid and other fibers. The filter fabric could be further treated (impregnated) in order to improve the filtration surface and to facilitate the regeneration.

    With the help of the manufacturer of filter fabrics we chose the most suitable material to guarantee long life cycle for the filter bags and dust emissions at the output of dust-proof installation.

    Liquids filtration

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    Our laser cut technology provides fast cutting technique with high quality and guaranteed precise execution.

    In the manufacture of elements for filter presses or disk filters we use most commonly fabric of polypropylene fibers.

    For the different processes we offer also other types of materials - polyester, polyamide, PVDF. The fabric can be monofilament, multifilament or a combination between the two of them (mono-multifilament).

    Supporting cages

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    DIAMETER: 90mm - 160mm
    LENGHT: up to 7500mm

    During May 2015 we’ve launched our own production line for supporting cages for filter bags.

    We are producing wide range of supporting cages with diameter between 90 and 160mm and length up to 7500mm.
    The supporting cages could consist one part or to have complex construction of two or more parts.
    The amount of longitudinal wires is 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24.

    The production line is equipped with system for quality control and automatic repetition of the bad welds.n

    Other services

    Other services

    Laboratory analysis of operating elements
    Choice of a suitable fabric
    Delivery of filter fabrics
    Delivery of filter lanes for pneumatic channels

    Choosing the right filter material we are able to ensure a low dust emission and long service life of the filter elements.

    We’ve realized projects in the field of:
    • Energetics
    • Chemical and Cement Industry
    • Production of kaolin
    • Metallurgy
    • Production of asphalt mixtures
    • Woodworking
    Professional equipment and technologies

    Professional equipment and technologies

    We have equipment for “welding” of the filter cloth, which guarantees very high quality of the produced elements and low turnaround times.

    Welded longitudinal seam:

    During 2005 we’ve became the first Bulgarian manufacturer of filtering cages, which have product line for welded longitudinal seam. The main benefit of this technology is that there are no threads involved and thus the perforation of the cloth from needles (which is the case with the classic longitudinal seams). This eliminates the chance of fraying of the seams during work and the following unraveling of the stitches.

    Longitudinal triple seam:

    For clothings that don’t allow welding (likem-Aramide, PTFE, P84), we use automatic production line for “infinite” longitudinal triple seam. It guarantees equal passing speed for the whole width of the cloth. This allows us to achieve ideal cylindricity of the filtering bags, lower the chance of fraying in the supporting cages and provides steady regeneration on the whole length of the filtering bag.